For our last appointment in our exhibition season 2014/2015 Romberg is hosting a project by Mario Velocci in its Latina Roomberg Project Space, a sculptor from Monte San Giovanni Campano, Frosinone.

An intimate relationship with nature and its signs characterize this artist’s work who is exhibiting large format works together with various small sculptures, using materials which are intrinsically different like steel and cardboard.

The sound room is the title of the exhibition which revolves around Velocci’s vibrant mental spaces which are translated into a lucid reflection on the elasticity of perceptual reality. The rooms of the gallery become a sort of anechoic camera for an audience of sculptures resembling sound instruments, which reverberate in the mind of the visitor composing a gentle melody which is capable of absorbing the air and making it ring out.

Carefully stratified work that take shape from their connection with the earth, the artist comes from a farming family and ever since he was a child has been inspired by the flowing fields of wheat, by working in the fields, by flora and fauna, synthesizing its elements. Cardboard becomes a soundboard in his hands and cold steel is molded into an instrument of the soul, bearers of hidden sounds.

If “sculpting is stopping energy in order to contemplate it, capturing vitality in order to tame it is to be nourished by it” - as the contemporary French philosopher and essayist Michel Onfray says - Velocci goes a step beyond, stopping this energy and capturing its vitality, but in order to release it into life.