Spazio Visivo combine the sound compositions of Stefano Trevisi within the framework of Paolo Cavinato’s installation-scapes.

Lyrical yet disconcerting, their unique world is composed from photographs, mirrors, paint, faded wallpaper, wood and strange surrealistic visions of ominous corridors, reminiscent of Paolo Cavinato’s previous life as a stage designer. Whether intentionally narrative or not, this visual complexity results in a deeply immersive experience with the sound composition often emanating from a variety of hidden sources. The innate mystery dominating their installations interrogate ideas of time and space.

Spazio Visivo, for their first solo show at Rosenfeld Porcini, have elaborated a retrospective of their artistic journey together; covering works made from 2007 to their latest creation made expressly for the exhibition, which has been inspired by Paolo Cavinato's time spent in Shanghai at the prestigious Swatch artistic residency.

Themes of geometry and spatial relationships will be explored by the collaborative duo. Stefano Trevisi will also have a concert in the gallery during the final week of the exhibition in late September.

Paolo Cavinato (b.1975) and Stefano Trevisi (b.1974) were both born in Mantua, Italy, where they live and work. Their work as Spazio Visivo has won international acclaim having been widely exhibited throughout Europe and Asia. Selected solo exhibitions include the Royal British Society of Sculptures, London and Villa Lagarina, Trento in addition to group exhibitions at PAN Museum, Naples; Egmont Park, Brussels; Carlo Zauli Museum, Ravenna; and the Italian Culture Festival in China, Kunming.