Gallery Director Rebecca Lidert and restauranteur Mark Hix invite you to indulge in their most decadent recipe yet. Ready for your consumption is a flawless fusion of installation, photography, fashion and painting celebrating steak in all its splendor, curated by 32EatArt. The experience is bound to leave you feeling excited, intrigued and maybe even a little bit hungry.

Each artwork in the exhibition highlights our desire to consume, exposing red meat as something to be desired in its taste, scent and presentation. After all, in a society where we live to spend and appreciate quality above all else, it’s okay to treat ourselves every once in a while!

To match the high end concept of the exhibition ‘Let Them Eat Steak’ boasts some of the highest quality art on the scene today. What better place for this thought-provoking exhibition of food and art than Mark Hix’s very own gallery? Saluting Damien Hirst’s God of cows- the notorious formaldehyde Cock and Bull installation, the exhibition takes inspiration from the Tramshed restaurant above.

From Mark Hix’s private collection Andy Warhol’s Wild Raspberries is featured alongside a piece from 2013 HIX Award finalist Oliver Durcan. Philip Colbert’s captivating image of a joint of meat created entirely from sequins is bright and bold in contrast to Camilla Wordie & Tasos Gaitanos’s quieter series of photographic pieces which elegantly disassembles steak dishes and reframes them as artworks in themselves. In conversation across the room, Mary Stephenson’s foam butchers shop installation brings to life her powerful large-scale photograph Hill & Szrock. CNB Gallery artists in residence compliment this already diverse mix of artwork.

Taking steak away from its traditional restaurant environment where food meets art, this exhibition displaces and reframes the luxurious food in a unique, yet fitting, gallery space. Each artwork is a delicacy that has been carefully prepared for your enjoyment just like your favourite dish in your favourite restaurant. All this will be served with a side of luxury, elegance, pop and entertainment- an indulgent experience you won’t want to miss!

Artists include: Andy Warhol, Philip Colbert, Camilla Wordie & Tasos Gaitanos, Mary Stephenson, Oliver Durcan, Birute Bikelyte, Daniel Swallow, Tom Maryniak, Claire Orme, Josh Daniels, Thom Morgan, Liz McBurney, Felix Baudenbacher, W.K.Lhyne, Michael Lake-McMillan and Alan Stuart (Dangerous Minds).