The new exhibition celebrates the shapes and materials, colours and textures of a concrete jungle that is characteristic of London or any other metropolitan city. Jealous brings together three artists in this group show exhibiting their different artistic responses to our urban environment.

Anka Dabrowska creates installations, sculptures and drawings that are embedded in urban contexts. Using a complex interplay of aesthetics, Dabrowska maps the city through intense research projects; hidden traces of public and private histories are brought together. On show at Jealous Gallery, Dabrowska's new sculptural structures can be seen as an extension of her delicate drawings. They mutate and transform as the eye wonders over the disregarded human ephemera of everyday life. Cardboard, wood, coloured plastic and concrete are embroidered with photos, brightly sprayed graffiti and stickers to address the common drift through our shared environment.

The cityscapes created by Ashes57 also speak of this common drift, although executed through print and original work on canvas, she creates monochrome drawings rooted in the urban landscape, graffiti, street art and the underground music scene that illustrate chaotic scenes with her recognisable and iconic characters.

Painter, printer and animator Jo Peel captures moments that are at once familiar and yet distant from memory, which leaves the viewer questioning their existence. Motivated by intimate elements of the city landscape, this exploration is documented through a variety of mediums. Using her distinctive illustrative style, Peel gives run-down shops owned by generations of families a place on our walls, a place in history in a form of memorial to the run down and cherished.

The show will be at Jealous Gallery East from Thursday 11th of June to Sunday 5th July 2015 and then moves to Jealous Gallery North, Wednesday 8th July to Sunday 2 August.