In Barry Bonds I See The Future is an exhibition of new works by fourteen artists who are either represented by or have exhibited with IMT Gallery. The exhibition is part of year-long celebration of IMT Gallery’s ten years in operation, and is produced in partnership with Paddle 8.

In 2007 Kenneth Goldsmith said he saw the future of poetry in Barry Bonds as much for his super-human capabilities as for his daily existence as part man and part machine. In 2015, IMT Gallery sees the future of art in the artists who also strike this balance, bringing together new forms, new mediums, and new ways of thinking the future of art in the world today.

The artists included in the show are connected by their innovative methods for art making and explorations of new technologies. Rob Smith hones light that has traveled from Mars to make extraterrestrial photographs. Lotte Rose Kjær Skau reemerges with a series of digital collages, the first in a set of new works since her debut solo show at IMT in early 2014. Laura Oldfield Ford masters classical portraiture with ball-point biro. Let Me Feel Your Finger First reexamines and collages the figures of classical animation to reveal their more intolerant contours. NaoKo TakaHashi adds characteristic whimsy to minimalist sculpture and elegant line drawing. Hyun-Min Ryu captures the fantasy of invention and exploration in his exquisite photographs. Brought together, the artists equally speak to the strengths of IMT Gallery’s ten years in forward-thinking and rigorous curatorial programming.

In Barry Bonds I See The Future is a not-to-be-missed chance to collect some of the artists that have helped make IMT Gallery one of London’s top five galleries for media art. The exhibition brings together artworks in a range of mediums such as photography, drawing, sculpture, painting, and mixed media. All artworks will be available for purchase in the gallery and via Paddle 8’s online auction website.