Stranger Shores is an exhibition of contemporary figurative painting featuring the work of four Irish artists; Peter Burns, John Albert Duigenan, Aileen Murphy and Sheila Rennick, curated by Peter Burns.

There is real attitude and personality throughout this exhibition. An experimental and playful use of paint underpins the content of the work. Gutsy, sometimes downright demented, these are paintings not for the faint hearted.

The protagonists in these works are not rational, there is an almost crazy energy in some paintings while others are quieter in their thoughtfulness. Worlds collide. Cats eye you. People gawk. Mountains squirt. Bats leer. Plants decay.

Figures populate the exhibition, some alone wounded, others frenzied, coupled. Lines are blurred between animal and human instincts and emotions. Colours bleed, paint is slathered, incised and caked.

Challenging and uncompromising in their work these four distinct artists come together to make a viscerally exciting figurative painting show.

Mary Noonan