A surreal realm where perceptions are challenged and what you thought you knew is forgotten, Fractured Fairytales offers a glimpse into an alternate universe where all is not as it first seems.

Bringing together a selection of works from three artists, this group show reveals the darker side of Jealous.

Joe Webb, who traditionally creates collages from vintage magazines and printed ephemera, unsettles romantic fantasies by removing the protagonists from view and juxtaposing nostalgic imagery with unchartered futuristic visions.

Ceal Warnants stirs up ideas of innocence and youth but subverts familiar images of childhood in unexpectedly sinister and humorous ways.

Giclee prints portray Jessica Harrison’s found ceramic figurines of elegant women in whimsical ballgowns with added blood and gruesome details, turning the delightfully kitsch into a twisted nightmare.

Each artist aims to shock and lure you into a false sense of security. Taking the familiar and turning it on its head, Fractured Fairytales tears apart the childhood dreams you once held with such comfort.