The brutalist structures personify in their body and spirit exposed instincts … actions and contradictory declarations, daring exposures, removing layers of plaster, paint or any other coating in order to express directly and multi-sensually the material and structural "truth" of the architectural object," writes Abba Elhanani about Israeli brutalist structures, so that the material will be a symbol of pride, of Jewish Labor.

Eli Singalovski, through his spectacular photographs, nicely perpetuates the tensions that Israeli brutalist structures create, with their dark materialism of exposed concrete, monotony rich in technique and poetry, in shape and texture, in plan and cross-section, in segments and blocs. The meagerness of material functions in both the institutional and private, the military and civilian, the ceremonial and mundane, in the beautiful, the rough and the naked.

Eli Singalovski, born in 1984, made Aliyah from St. Petersburg at the age of 7, and grew up in Beer Sheba. Lives and works in Tel Aviv. Graduate of the Department of Photography at Bezalel, he won the EPSON prize for encouraging excellence in the art of photography for 2014. He has participated in several group shows, and this is his first solo show. His works are found in various private and public collections