FuriniArteContemporanea is proud to present the solo show by Croatian artist Nemanja Cvijanovic (Rijeka, 1972), a project curated by Marco Scotini which brings in the gallery space in the ex Chiesa della Madonna del Duomo Vecchio di Arezzo an attentive, perceptive and incisive analysis of historical fundamental evenements which contributed to build the contemporary society.

Nemanja Cvijanovic is a capable manipulator of signs. He acts, instead, on the semiotic production as a device of profanation. He knows that in the current media coverage regime (or in the so called creative industries) the power identifies the own privilege no more with the means of production ownership but with the processes of signification control.

Started during his residency at MACRO on 2014, however the project intends to be a homage to the centenary of the attack to the Austro- Hungarian Empire throne heir perpetrated by revolutionary Serb Gavrilo Princip in Sarajevo. The signs concatenate, time overlap: on one hand the joyful Austrian apocalypse; on the other the First World War outbreak.

The masks of the past do not cease to return, although in other historical contexts: when the political threats lurking are no more the same and the political economy of the sign is strongly changed.