Marsden Woo Gallery is delighted to announce a brand new body of work by acclaimed ceramicist Ken Eastman.

In this latest collection of statuesque and contemplative vessels Eastman further explores his work’s unique relationship between sculptural pottery and architecture. Each viewing point offers a new experience through strong use of colour, differing textural qualities, and the undulating curves and folds of these multi-faceted forms.

To quote Tessa Peters, ‘Eastman continues to make exceptional abstract vessels that are nothing less than profound and poetic reflections on life.’

Ken Eastman first trained at Edinburgh College of Art before completing an MA at the Royal College of Art. He has won many prestigious awards in the field of ceramic art, including the Arts Foundation Fellowship in Ceramics (1998-99) and Gold Medal at the World Ceramic Biennale, Korea (2001). His work is held in numerous public collections in Japan, the USA, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands and the UK.