Gough's exhibition, Hetki Erämaassa, will display his 'double - scrimmed' canvas, where two layers of paint are built up. The top layer serves as a veil, which allows for an insight into the works below.

The title of the exhibition Hetki Erämaassa translates from Finnish as ‘A Moment in Wilderness’. This pays homage to his Finnish heritage, a source of great inspiration in his works.

He says of his work:

"I attempt to bring together, within my painting, two separate experiences: one is in nature and one is in paint. The relation between the two is not of duplication but what I refer to as equivalence. These experiences are bound with a sense of openness of being that is experienced in these encounters with Wilderness, to create a Wilderness in paint."

Andrew Hewish, Director of Center For Recent Drawing says: "An emphasis on openness, of not determining an outcome for the viewer, is key, and the viewer’s eye is not able to settle from one moment of experience to the next. There is a silence here, a determination to live in the paint that it is not possible to articulate in language."

London artist Alex Gough has studied at Chelsea College of Art, Camberwell College of Art and City and Guilds. He has exhibited widely, both in London and within the EU. His works can be found in many public and private collections including Simmons and Simmons, City Financial, Barclays and Lloyds TSB