"She doesn't 'speak', she throws her trembling body forward… In fact, she physically materializes what she's thinking; she signifies it with her body…. There is always within her at least a little of that good mother's milk. She writes in white ink." (The Laugh of the Medusa, Helene Cixous, 1975)

For 18 months, Orly Maiberg started her work day in the studio drawing in a notebook with watercolor and ink; an almost compulsive session, during which several reversed yoga poses were explored. With a complete dedication to the daily practice, the act of drawing became supposedly automatic, removed from thinking or drawing conclusions.

Over time, the direct link to yoga was unraveled, and the figures underwent a process of abstraction that revealed a lack of physical perfection, vulnerability, and deformity.

So it happened that the figures became their own ghosts. Their arms spread to the sides, they are limp as though crucified, losing their hold on the ground.

This series is attests to the ongoing process of the artist's dilemmas concerning the body's durability versus its vulnerability and even its demise.

The exhibition will feature eight works on paper. Huge inkjet prints of scans from the drawing notebooks, while the figure on the paper seems at time like a negative of itself or an x-ray image.

Orly Maiberg was born in 1958 in Israel, where she currently lives and works.

For Orly Maiberg, one's longings are lost in Tel-Aviv, lost in time. Consequently, she believes that this process encompasses the gap between photography and painting.The landscape and the figures illustrate the concept of the familyphoto-album and some of the photos are taken in the present, by Orly Maiberg herself. This is an example of realist painting reacting to life, in both, a direct and a personal manner.

Thematically, Orly Maiberg corresponds to one of the directions in contemporary discourse preoccupied with images of reality. The connection between photography and painting takes the forefront, as she examines the space between life and art, the space where everyday activity turns into an act of art, in and of itself.

The work of Orly Maiberg has been displayed in solo exhibitions, such as the Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan in 1998 and Galerie O Ahlers, Gottingen,Germany in 1999 as well as numerous group exhibitions worldwide (such as Looking ahead, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, California in 2000, Art Forum Berlin in 2004/05 and 2006, Fiac, Cour Carree du Louvre, Paris in 2006 and Tel Aviv Time, Tel Aviv Museum of Art in 2009).