Energetic, seducing, elegant, sensual, romantic -- in another words, salsa. The term “salsa” itself is of Spanish origin, meaning “a sauce”. This music style was created approximately in the 1960-1970s. Other than just a type of music, salsa is also a dance style which combines many different cultural genres.

In short, it is the world’s most popular Latin street dance. With roots in Cuba and ties in Puerto Rico, it has spread like wildfire and is danced by Salseros around the world. When you start salsa dancing, you join a huge family of Salseros spread throughout the world.

Cuban Salsa, or Casino, as it's known in Cuba, is a style of salsa dancing gaining ever more popularity outside of Cuba, including many places in Europe. It is becoming increasingly popular even in pocket-sized Montenegro. Despite the fact that Montenegrins are known for being a little bit conservative, they started leaving stereotypes and prejudges behind. No one can be indifferent to salsa - its circular motion and Afro-Cuban flavour simply invites your body to move!

What makes salsa so special is the fact that the individual is not limited by strictly defined rules. It gives people the freedom to develop their own style, combining the steps of rumba, cha-cha-cha and other original Cuban dances with improvisation, and taking part in creating something new. Salsa is not just a dance or music style, but also a way of life in many countries, even outside of Latin America. Salsa dance is a hobby that can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of race, age, colour, gender, size or profession.

When it comes to social circle expansion, the chance to meet new people in salsa classes can be a exquisite incentive. The moment you step into the studio, you will be surrounded by other individuals with similar interests - a passion for dance, music and motivation for meeting others, just like you! Together, mistakes can be laughed at while new steps are learned.

Besides having an influence on physical fitness, salsa dancing is also beneficial to the mind. It releases endorphins into the bloodstream, reducing pain and stress. As classes go on you start feeling all the stresses fade away! You feel more relaxed, self-reliant, positive and energized!

To sum it up, just like a sauce, salsa dance is a fun, creative, rhythmic and spicy combination of flexible movements that can be danced all around the globe, and if you’re heading to Montenegro, I suggest you to stop into one of the local clubs in Podgorica, Herceg-Novi, Budva, or other coastal towns.

So, what are you waiting for? Move your body, free your mind and show the hidden parts of your soul!