Proud Camden is pleased to bring you New Order by world-renowned music photographer, Kevin Cummins. Launching in conjunction with Cummins’ book of the same name published by Rizzoli, this rare collection is the definitive photographic portrait of the legendary band who achieved mainstream success while retaining their cult status.

Cummins had been the most trusted photographer of Joy Division in the 1970s and helped to define their public image, before it all came to an abrupt and agonising end with the death of front man Ian Curtis. The three surviving members of Joy Division, Peter Hook, Bernard Sumner and Stephen Morris joined Gillian Gilbert and formed a new band from the ashes of the tragedy. Combining elements of post-punk, new wave and electronic dance music, New Order would be responsible for some of the biggest hits of the era.

Uniquely placed to document the rise of New Order, from their formation in 1980 to their split in 1993, Cummins’ long-term friendship gave him unparalleled access to the band and captured the band in every light. From underground beginnings as the flagship group of Factory Records in Manchester and intimate studio shots to the frenetic energy of live performances and grandstand tours around Europe and America, Cummins captured a broad and unfettered view of the band.

The revolution that Joy Division created and were at the heart of, not differentiating between rock and dance music, has been continued with New Order. Proud Camden is thrilled to continue this story of transformation and rebellion with this extraordinary and intimate exhibition; a true celebration of a band whose influence on music and fashion is still palpable today.