As a tidal wave of indifference threatens to engulf the nation ahead of the General Election on May 7, London’s Lawrence Alkin Gallery attempts to put the art into party politics with The Art of Politics - new works from some of the UK’s most controversial and best loved artists.

Featuring artists including David Cameron’s favourite street artist™ Ben Eine, the French Godfather of stencil art Blek le Rat and the Bristol Vandal Nick Walker, The Art of Politics sees each artist comment on global politics using their own particular medium.

Front and centre in the exhibition is Walker’s 3D piece Vandal v Parliament; which depicts the artists tipping a can of paint over the Palace of Westminster. Walker comments, “The best that can be said about the House of Commons is that it’s a nice photo opportunity.”

Other artists included on the Lawrence Alkin ballot paper include influential political artist Peter Kennard, art insurgent Darren Coffield, agent provocateur War Boutique, Chinese pop artist Jacky Tsai plus fresh from her showing at the V&A, ‘Renegade Potter’ Carrie Reichardt. The Art of Politics also showcases the London debut of anarchist, artist, playwright, stagediver and purveyor of small electrical goods, Pablo P Casio.