Londonewcastle project space is pleased to present recent works by Allegra Pacheco in her first major exhibition in London, Micro Macro.

Over the past ten years, Pacheco has examined the nature of physical and intangible structures that govern our everyday lives such as Architecture and the nature of sexuality. Often working in collaboration with other artists and craftsmen Pacheco uses the mediums of painting, photography, sculpture and textile work to communicate her perspective.

Micro Macro sees Pacheco combining a variety of modes of production and materials that spark a spectrum of dialogues; notably between analogue (hand made) and digital, the stereo-typically and arguably feminine (kitting, interior design) with the masculine (sculpture, exterior design).

Pacheco paints an abstracted version of the world that she inhabits in a bold and graphic language that balances between the humorous and unnerving, using urban backdrops she explores how cities can function as organisms.

Her work is a celebration of human achievement and folie; unpalatable and ambiguous-her pieces the remains of a no longer pulsating system.

It is precisely the handmade craft element working in union with the digital which balances out in a spectacular show where knitted jumpers, carpets, as well as painting and 3d printed sculpture play on scale and color.

Allegra Pacheco was born in 1986 in San Jose, Costa Rica. A dedicated traveler, Pacheco’s exhibitions span from Japan to Europe and America. Pacheco’s work is included in important collections, most recently in Fundacion Massaveu (Madrid), Francisco Cantos (Chair in ARCO, Madrid), and Takeo Obayashi (Tokyo).

The show will run daily 11am - 7pm.