Curated by Cat Madden, who is currently a student at Wimbledon College of Art in London, this exhibition brings together emerging artists and designers with very different ways of working with ‘space’, creating an exhibition that merges the boundaries between them; showing the cross-over of medias exploring a similar theme and pushing the tensions and harmonies between them.

By fusing different materials and methods together and playing with scale, texture and time, Gallery 286 will become part of the artwork. The contrast between the furnished, red upper gallery and the open, white lower gallery, will also show how the surroundings can enhance the way we look at a painting or a series of photographs hanging on a wall.

From photographs evoking the tranquility a person can experience from the vastness of space, to textile and jewellery work, to much more enveloping painting and sculptural work, the exhibition will offer a diversity of creative expressions to engage with.

The Artists and Designers: Scott Alderman, Lea Balducci, Kallum Corke, Christopher Hunt, Jessica Leclere, Cat Madden, Elizabeth Martin, Tashka Negmat, Kemi Onabule, Rachael Pilston, Lewis Rabjohns, Catherine Taylor, Paula Turmina