Lilac Gallery New York is pleased to present “Revealing Muses” a solo exhibition of photography presenting Alexo Wandael, from April 1 - 30, 2015. The exhibition will open with a reception on April 1 from 7-9 p.m.

Capturing worlds with a voice is in essence what most photographers strive for, to tell a story with out having to speak and for one to hear it by looking. In this collection from Alexo Wandael, we are faced with the juxtaposition of different worlds from his trajectory and the origin brought forth from it. The works selected for this exhibition are contrasted greatly, as pieces from his “Light Emphasis, Heim Muse, and Veils” collections merge together to reveal his subjects in an intense and courageous manor.

Battling the force of nature and urge to keep beautiful in an aging society, Alexo defines timeless beauty with the heart of the mannequin and bridges his subjects with a new light from his “Heim Muse” series. The mannequin captures colors and sounds of the flow of life in his depictions, with heavy saturation and powerful dramatizations. The photos are layered with energy, as one can feel the complexity of the image through the intertwined profiles and fleeting faces characterized. Although the mannequin remains stagnant, the heart is felt through the dynamics of the photograph, as it comes to life with the use of rendered color and aggressive composition.

“Light Emphasis” is the manipulation of a photograph to give it the freedom which Alexo believes the subject deserves. The subject is given weightless to deter the outlining distractions that inhibit the beauty to be unfurled. Wandael has recreated an enchanted effect, one that reminded him of photos from the beginning of the 20th Century of his grandmother, photos that were blurred around the edges, but the subjects were kept in focus.

Wandael’s latest series “Veils” is an effortless construction, which possesses themes from both his Heim Muse, and Light Emphasis collection. The muse is revealing her beauty but is still somehow masked. The simplicity of form is eradicated as the intense vivacity of color and enchantment is felt to an immense degree. Stimulating the concept of beauty felt with in a living person, yet dormant still as the mask achieves to diffuse the viewer by keeping her hidden; a both enchanting and mysterious accomplishment.

Alexo Wandael is an international artist, with a passion for art and an eye for beauty. His images are a creative force for international brand names across the globe. Alexo Wandael studied photography and architecture at the University of Ferrarra, Italy. After practicing in Berlin and Los Angeles, he later moved to New York where he now resides. Alexo has been showcased in various exhibitions through Europe and the U.S and his work has also been added to the permanent collection of the FIT museum in New York. His photography can be best described as at times hauntingly beautiful with many undertones of mood and intensity as found, for instance, in the book “Wandael Presents Wandael” showcasing his photography trajectory. Or in his recently published artful photojournalistic book about a solo Motorcycle Trip across the United States titled “Dear America: from NY to SF”.