RAMM is celebrating the Year of Mexico in the United Kingdom 2015 with an exhibition by Mexican painter Amador Montes.

This exhibition aims to explore the concept of the wall: related to contemplation and reflection in an aesthetic sense. The wall then becomes a blank canvas, a public space to express a visual dialogue, not an object that imposes boundaries. Amador Montes ‘intervened’ each piece using different mixed media.

His artwork is a visual delight of textures achieved by juxtaposing layers of oil, sgraffito, enamel pats, volumes of paper and screen printing on canvas.

At the end of each exhibition, the artist will donate to the host venue a digital intervened graphic of one the pieces exhibited on the artwork. By doing this, the artist pretends to leave symbolically a part of The Other Wall to unite cities and countries.

The Other Wall has been made possible by the Mexican Embassy in the UK.