How common is common sense?

Rania Rangou's (b.1970) work includes paintings, drawings and installations, which introduce a challenging debate on the objective nature of common sense.

Isolating moments of ancient and contemporary human wisdom in art, philosophy, science or fiction, Rangou integrates the intellectual archetypes contained therein into a new hybrid unit which subsumes all moments in a flat time, blurring the borderline between real and fallacious.

Through this process, Rangou explores through a keyhole the roots of our diversities and the consequential perception of common sense. She swings boustrophedon* between the present and the past, highlighting the individualised dimension of common sense.

How common is common sense? How it is formed and why it is common only to beings sharing similar backgrounds and ideas.

*boustrophedon - a method of writing in which the lines run alternately from right to left and from left to right