It said the main work for the show will be a performance where
It said walk around and talk about a series of objects
It said a sort of guided tour
It said Friday 13th of March
It said referencing anecdotes
It said conversations
It said ‘conversations’
It said over email, and
It said that relate to the objects
It said will each revolve around a particular topic
It said the topic
It said (however tenuously)
It said will not necessarily be adhered to
It said never mind decipherable
It said a script remaining in the space
It said for the remainder of the show
It said deliver the performance
It said say, five times on the 13th
It said a slightly crass title
It said in reference to those awkwardly-posed 18th Century society portraits
It said in which the sitters were supposed to appear relaxed
It said it seems like a good parallel
It said include all of the participants’ names
It said and please don’t hesitate
It said it would be great to include some of our exchanges
It said I won’t use anything without permission
It said veering toward the idea of only using my own words
It said let me know what you think
It said Save As
It said ANDOR Blurb