This new exhibition explores how psychoanalytic ideas are currently used in research which engages with very contemporary issues and the challenges of the modern world. The pieces are by six young artists from the Slade School of Fine Art, who have been commissioned to produce work that contests misconceptions and clichés about psychoanalytic research, and emphasises the discipline's relevance to twenty-first century life.

Their work is inspired by research carried out at the UCL Psychoanalysis Unit, which investigates topics ranging from tattooing to technology, the arts, the economy and, of course, mental and physical health.

The Psychoanalysis Unit's mission is to break the mould of traditional approaches to psychoanalysis, taking inspiration from the discipline's ideas to meet modern challenges. Our truly interdisciplinary research draws on a wide range of research methods and theoretical perspectives taken from neuroscience and clinical trials, anthropology, economics and history.

We run a PhD in Psychoanalytic Studies with over 25 doctoral students and also run four MSc courses. We aim to share the latest psychoanalytic ideas and run regular conferences and an interdisciplinary programme with lectures and seminars open to all members of the university and wider community. We have a number of national and international affiliations, including the Anna Freud Centre, the Menninger Clinic and leading scholars at Yale and Harvard Universities.

The Artists

Stefano Cozzi was born in Milan, Italy, in 1989. He is currently enrolled as MFA, Fine Art Media student at the Slade School of Fine Art, London. Recent public presentation of his work include screenings and exhibitions at Thalia Theater, Hamburg and Imperial Hofburg, Innsbruck (2015); Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge (2014); Sím Gallery, Reykjavík and Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan (2012). Prizes and support for the development of his work include the Leverhulme Trust and Amiex, Turin (2014); Italian Ministry of Culture and GAi, Turin (2013) and UNHATE Foundation (2012). During a residency at Sím, Reykjavík (2012) he ideated Summer Sand, a research project developed with an international team inquiring into the consequences of the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull volcano in 2010. In 2009 he joined Performing Arts Project, in collaboration with the School of Visual Arts, New York. He lives and works in London.

Maud Craigie is interested in how people present themselves to the world. She works with photography, moving image, installation and performance to investigate the space between the private and the public and the difference between fiction and reality. Her work draws on theatre techniques, anthropology and psychological theory to explore human behaviour in relation to ideas of authenticity.

Born in 1991, Maud is currently enrolled on the Fine Art Media MA programme at the Slade School of Fine Art. Previously, she graduated with a BA (hons) in Fine Art from Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London (2013). In 2012 she was awarded the Ellen Battell Stoeckel Fellowship to attend Yale University Summer School of Art. Selected exhibitions include Over and Out, Group Show (London, 2014), Camberwell Degree Show (London, 2013), Yale Group Show, Ajaia Gallery (CT, USA, 2012) and BA.SE Group Show, Shoreditch Town Hall (London, 2012).

Yvonne Feng (b.1989, China) completed her BA at the Slade School of Fine Art in 2012, then an MA at the Royal College of Art in 2014. She is currently doing a PhD at the Slade. Yvonne's practice focuses on the inexplicable paradox between the self and the world. Derived from personal and fictional narratives, her drawings and paintings present absurd scenarios which explore motifs such as introspection, voyeurism and power. Her recent research is centred in the notion of narrative shaped subjectivity and self-empowerment through storytelling in drawing and painting. Recent group exhibitions include 'Griffon Art Prize', in Griffon Gallery, London / White Moose, Devon; 'Now in Reverse', in Hundred Years Gallery, London; 'Drawing from Here and There', in Elysium Gallery offsite, Swansea / Clara Hatton Gallery, Fort Collins, USA.

Rie Marsden (1995) is currently in her first year on the BA programme at Slade School of Fine Art after graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2014 (Distinction, Foundation Degree.) Her work draws on self-perception, on understanding issues of being tied to this and the perfection ideal. With a collective attitude towards presenting her work and thought process and working with a wide range of accessible media : from body spray to white spirit. She is interested in what can be communicated indirectly through separate objects / sensations (e.g. scent) to evoke some memory.

Having contributed to Kate Owen's 'Where I Caught Her Eye' exhibition last year at 1 Granary, the reverse-hang of the works highlighted faint impressions on the backs that would have, if conventional hanging had been used, otherwise been concealed. There is power in these unintended subtle marks.

Goia Mujalli was born in 1985 in São Paulo and raised in Rio de Janeiro. She lives and works in London. She completed her Graphic Design degree in 2011 and came to London to study Fine Art at The Slade School. In Rio de Janeiro, Goia was already involved with painting. She then decided to focus in painting at the Slade. In 2012 she was invited to have her first solo show in Rome. Prizes and awards include Award Nancy Balfour Trust Scholarship and Monnington Sessional Prize. Recent group exhibitions include WaterBody, Hardy Tree Gallery, London; The Red, Ruse Art Gallery, Ruse, Bulgaria; Death and Dying, Mag3 Project Space, Vienna; Balthazar Went to Heaven, Dig Space, London; and Canvas Soundscapes, Hardy Tree Gallery, London.

Eiko Soga lives and works in Tokyo and London. She is currently in her second year of an MFA in Sculpture at the Slade School of Fine Art.

Encountering cryptic scenes during a walk, a conversation with friends, hidden psychology, dark matter, losing words, empathy and noise music: > inspiration and fantasy < = Everyday filling gaps to make sense of the world around us. Trying to understand feelings and behaviours and how they are perceived \ x with distorted ideas within individual mind space and social environment.

Piles of endless unknowable truth / Distorted perception / Personalised reality / Collective unconsciousness.

Through her sculptural and installation work, Eiko considerers herself an extension of the different mediums she uses; wood board, natural and artificial light, sound, sites, paints, digital collages, videos, [ ] text messaging, story writing and masking tape.