In March 2015, one of the world’s most prolific and exciting urban artists, Ben Eine will bring his unmistakable signature style to the UAE. In this ground-breaking moment for the global Urban Art scene and the contemporary art movement in the Gulf region; this master of the bespoke technicolour font will showcase a brand new body of work at Artspace Dubai gallery and create a bespoke mural in the Dubai Design District (d3).

Working ‘hand-in-hand’ with the visionary Artspace Dubai gallery, Eine will show a brand new series of original works each featuring his inimitable, typographical style using spray-paint and hand-cut stencil on canvas. Especially for this exhibition, and in collaboration with Artspace Dubai, Eine has incorporated Arabic influences into this series of canvasses, making them geographically relevant and completely unique.

While in Dubai, Eine will also take time to create one of the signature murals for which he is most celebrated, adding Dubai to the global list of cities that boast his work. In a tribute to his collaboration with Artspace Dubai, the mural will read ‘Hand in Hand’ and will become part of the d3 Design Weekend (19-21 March).

Eine shot to international fame when the British Prime Minister presented one of his works ‘Twenty First Century City’ (below) to President Obama as a gift on his first official visit to the White House. Eine has left his mark worldwide on public walls from New York to Tokyo as well as in museums and galleries from the UK’s renowned Lowry Museum to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.

On his debut in the UAE, Eine comments:
“Working in a totally new environment is always exciting and getting to meet and share ideas with a brand new audience is an artist’s dream come true.”

Maliha Al Tabari of Artspace says; “We are excited to be bringing the UK’s most prolific and original urban artist to the UAE and to create cross-cultural awareness by engaging people with public art, whether it is inside the gallery or out.”

Max William of URBAN AM adds; “We are extremely pleased to be working with Eine and facilitating a great cross cultural program between a street art sensation and a gallery that has been at the nucleus of pushing various mediums of art across the Middle East.”

A genuinely pioneering moment in the art history of the Gulf region, Eine’s work will be available to view at Artspace Dubai from 16 March 2015.