Beaux Arts presents a new Korean artist's extraordinary, intense three - dimensional images.

Sungyong Hong new series is called 'Heuristic'; a method of learning, whereby the tools of deduction and trial and error lead the investigator to discovery. Thus in his new Lenticular prints, depths and layers emerge in striking three - dimensional tones, where circles and whorls of bright colour jump out of black backgrounds.

Having graduated from Chungang University he is now on the innovations team at LG Electronics.

Sungyong Hong has created a complex technique in which seventy layers are applied to interlaced lenses achieving these startling effects. Strangely the technique is reminiscent of eastern traditional lacquerware, in which numerous layers of resin were applied to allow for highly developed three dimensional carving in wood or metal.

His work also relates to the Op-Art movement of the 1960's. In 1965, the Museum of Modern Art presented The Responsive Eye, an exhibition of works which focused on optical illusions and the perceptual possibilities in the relationships of certain colours.

Sungyong Hong’s work explores the relationship of colour and depth of field using motifs of seeds, wheels, swirling vortexes that span place and time. His endeavour is to find a way of expressing emotion by honing the recent advances of his technology.