‘They will feel in the alleyways something, but it’s not quite medieval and it’s not quite modern. It’s something else. In other words, my whole idea of affect is that you experience something, you feel something, you see something, but you can’t quite explain it. It has an Ur-dimension to it… something between understanding and not, lets say.’ Peter Eisenman

UR Feeling is a new film by British artist Simon Martin (b. 1965) and forms his second solo exhibition in Gallery 3 at Camden Arts Centre. This new work takes its title and direction from a quote by architect Peter Eisenman in conversation with Charles Jencks, discussing the redevelopment of Santiago de Compostela’s historic city centre. UR Feeling runs at Camden Arts Centre from 10 April until 21 June and admission is free.

UR Feeling explores Martin’s research into the built environment through the bodies of two performers – the first time he has worked with people rather than objects in his films. The film conveys atmosphere and mood through a number of scenarios which were proposed by Martin, and formed the basis of a choreography. The performers responded to Martin’s commands with improvisatory performances which were filmed, edited and set to a sound design. Samples include a reconstruction of a lyre that was excavated from the ancient site of the Mesopotamian city, Ur.

Simon Martin (b.1965) lives and works in London. His solo exhibitions include Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland (2013); Camden Arts Centre (2012); Bass Museum of Art, Miami, Chisenhale Gallery, and Lightbox Tate Britain, both London (all 2008). Recent group exhibitions include The Event Sculpture at Henry Moore Institute Leeds (2014); Focal Point Gallery, Southend-on-Sea (offsite commission, 2014);The Imaginary Museum at Kunstveriem Munich (with Ed Atkins) andHow to Look at Everything at The Common Guild, Glasgow (both 2012); British Art Show 7: In the Days of the Comet at Hayward Gallery, CCA Glasgow / Tramway andThis is Sculpture at Tate Liverpool (both 2011). He will participate in the upcoming group exhibition The Parliament of Things , First Site, Colchester. He was the recipient of a Paul Hamlyn Award (2008) and shortlisted for the Jarman Award (2009).