Returning alongside Drawn is the ever-popular Drawing Lab, a space designed to encourage interaction and participation, welcoming all ages and abilities to come inside: investigate, discuss, test, create and play.

The Lab takes its lead from Drawn, which aims to explore the parallel language of multiple disciplines, presenting drawing in a number of different forms. Drawing can be an act of communication, a way to navigate or a visual signpost. By making a mark we can create a record, provide clarity, or indicate the point of departure. In the Lab visitors are invited to explore these interpretations of drawing for themselves, using it as a space to pause, consider, and be inspired.

This artist-led space will evolve throughout the exhibition as our many artists-in-residence investigate the practice of drawing in-situ, adding their own drawings and experiments to the walls. We will also be inviting you to make your own contribution to the lab, participating in collaborative workshops, providing feedback, or taking part in one of our many drawing games.

A number of different artists and practitioners will be working in the space throughout the exhibition including Laurie Lax, Sara Dudman, Debbie Locke RWA, members of the University of the West of England drawing research group HATCH, and RWA Academicians and Artist Network members. They will be exploring drawing through physical practice, discussion and workshops, inviting you to get involved. Don’t forget to come back during the exhibition to see how the space evolves.