On 5 February, the Saatchi Gallery will open Pop The Streets in the Prints & Originals Gallery which will run throughout the final month of the current major exhibition Post Pop: East Meets West.

Pop The Streets showcases original and limited edition artworks by an eclectic group of 10 graffiti and street artists. The artists featured in the exhibition are Ben Turnbull, Nick Walker, Paul Insect, Sten and Lex, Orticanoodles, Rene Gagnon, CEPT, Ben Frost, Alaric Hammond and ALO.

Pop the Streets illustrates how Pop Art has influenced graffiti and street artists across the globe, informing their choice of media and technique, selection of subject matter and the employment of line and colour. Concepts pioneered by Pop Artists and now explored by street artists worldwide include the appropriation of advertising & consumer culture, the utilisation of iconic imagery such as the Coke bottle, the elevation of everyday items to objects of desire, and a dialogue with art history.

All artworks will be available for sale.

About the artists

Alaric Hammond is a UK based artist who has developed a diverse practice of painting, drawing, collage and fine art printmaking centred around his fresh approach to the traditional technique of etching.

ALO is an Italian artist who has become a regular on London streets over the past two years. His recogniseable abstract portraiture has become well known to followers of the street art scene and become highly collectable.

Ben Frost is an Australian artist known for his kaleidoscopic, mash-up paintings that take inspiration from areas as diverse as graffiti, collage, photo-realism and sign-writing.

Ben Turnbull is a British artist fascinated by the dominance of American culture. He creates works which reveal startling truths about war, violence and patriotism.

CEPT is widely regarded as a pioneer of the East London street art scene. His style is defined by a unique mix of letter forms, loud exaggerated colours and appropriated super humans; all adorning walls and shop fronts.

Nick Walker is one of the world‟s best known street artists, emerging from the Bristol graffiti scene of the early 1980s. He draws on the energy and imagery of graffiti but he succeeds in combining the freedom of spray paint with very controlled and intricate stencilling.

Orticanoodles is the pseudonym for Italian artist duo Wally and Alita. Their creations are showcased in various public spaces where they feel their work can be judged on aesthetic merit and communicative impact.

Paul Insect's refined interpretations of visceral subject matter are tempered by a joyous use of colour and an ambitious style. Insect is a British artist with an ability to produce work in many media – all of it invariably strong and highly coveted.

Rene Gagnon is an American artist who has blended graffiti and pop culture in a captivating fashion and has helped push street art from the shadows and into the mainstream.

Sten and Lex started their careers in their hometown of Rome, where they quickly acquired an international reputation. Their work consists of portraiture from album covers of the '60s and '70s as well as faces they have photographed. Their technique is a meticulous composition of hand cut stencils, and works are often executed on a great scale within and on buildings.