AD Gallery opens the solo show of Christos Charisis entitled “Neverland” on Wednesday, January 21st at 20:00.

The show is a painting installation consisting of three paintings and a video. Through his latest work the artist opens to the viewers a door, a small crack in his deepest fears.

The largest painting depicts a stormy sea. Yet, this is not a representation of the world of sea travel, but rather a beach where the intense waviness makes it unfamiliar. A beach lenghtwise of which there is a lonely dog running, while a lullaby is being heard like a whisper, is the theme of the video. On the opposite wall of the gallery the artist appears in painting lying on the bed wearing his clothes, a picture of indolence.

Charisis deals with one’s difficulty to keep up with the flow of time and to cope with the increasing demands of a constant adulthood. An adulthood involving the concern about the unknown, the anxiety about an uncertain future and even more inwardly the fear of death. It is of those fears exactly that the continuous need for a refuge springs. A refuge that like the maternal embrace, the caress, the lullaby, protects you indiscriminately and self-evidently from the ghosts of the outside world. A familiar «timeless» space where you are always wellcome and in which you can feel forever young and valnurable since there is someone else taking care of you..