Marsden Woo Gallery is pleased to present a stunning new body of work by talented ceramic artist Chun Liao.

Chun Liao’s ceramics appear delicate, but are by no means insubstantial, holding a profound strength that radiates from within. Liao continues to create utterly captivating vessels, as singular pieces and arranged in high numbers as installations, glazed with her strikingly intense yet beautifully serene colours. Her porcelain forms vary in size; some are large, and some are almost impossibly minuscule, often with tiny traces of gold and silver fixed upon their surface, her use of scale encouraging close scrutiny and deep contemplation.

Of her beguiling vessels Liao emphasises the importance of intuition, explaining that ‘sometimes they originate from a thought, a piece of music, a vision or a simple line of words. However most of the time they are not rational, designed or planned. I just simply need and have to make them.’

Liao spends a long time musing on her work; looking at, living with, and getting to know each piece is essential to her. In them she invests a devoted compassion - ‘porcelain is like white paper, with the silver and gold imprints marking the imperfections, writing a life in the pieces I make.’ The result of this is that Liao’s vessels bear a powerfully emotional significance, recording not only the story of their own creation, but also that of their profoundly thoughtful creator.

Chun Liao (b. 1969) studied at Bath Spa University (1993-96) and the Royal College of Art (MA 1996-98, MPhil 1998-99). Born in Taiwan, her porcelain pots are fusions of influences from East and West. Her work has been exhibited in the UK, France, USA, Brazil and China and is included in the collections of the Museum of Arts & Design, New York, Victoria & Albert Museum, London, the British Council, London, and the Sainsbury Collection, Norfolk.