Glittering pools of light, bubbles of delirium, sub-troped as post-alien category 7/humanoid, deepspace cleansing operative 7S1A/Abiona (fly-head), including tentacle attachments and penis-vagina refurb, moving across the blackness - galaxy reflected in her visor. Bubbles as convex mirrors multiplied and enlarged with the reflections of perfumed jars and dust strewn with golden stars in imitation of heaven. Meat suit with bio implants. Rotating above Entrance hatch x117.

Even her eyes are flesh. She sprouts wings at her sides. Golden scales reflecting the sun. As an intensity of mimicry and acting out of the cadavers of place. Miming mime itself. Gliding upwards. An angel. Flames trembling with multiple scintillations and pearls glowing like white flowers, emitting long white spirals. As a movement across the material and the divine.

Half-burned carcasses, rose-tinted by the sea, ascending by insensible degrees to the edge of the sky. Luxury and fire. Crystal. The sun's latest fires gilding the carapaces of turtles as they come forth from the reeds to inhale the breeze. Stars. And a sheet of blood flowing over the mosaics. Coral. green, yellow, blue, violet. Gleaming like splashes of milk, blue icicles, and silver dust, black flames and silver vat, pearls. Rays of the sun. Soothing.