ArtMoorHouse is delighted to present “L MAZE”, an exhibition of paintings by Hu Be.

We designed a private tour and a professional consultancy meeting opportunity on the 18th of December, from 9am to 5pm, kindly supported by Alivini wine merchant.

"We are all prisoners of our mortal minds and bodies, vulnerable to various kinds of perceptual transfigurations. At the same time, as embodied beings we live in a world that we explore, absorb, and remember -partially, of course. We can only find the Out there through the in here. And yet, what the philosopher Karl Popper called World 3, the knowledge we have inherited -the science, the philosophy, and the art- stored in our libraries and museums, the words, images and music produced by people now dead, becomes part of us and may take on profound significance in our everyday lives." from "Living, Thinking, Looking" -Siri Hustvedt

"Is a language of riddles. One listens not with the head, with the Neshumah, the Soul", Journey Through a Small Planet, Emanuel Litvinoff

Starting from an interpretation of Theseus Victor of The Minotaur by Charles-Édouard Chaise, the series "L Maze" stages the lonely dissolution of the Minotaur in the night of London after his death by the hand of the young bully Theseus and his new quest through the walls of the maze of the City searching for alike beautiful creatures. Freed by Theseus from his superficial semi-human earthly incarnation and because of that unwelcome in its enriching diversity in the human world made of the self-centric human perceptions of the universal, the freed Minotaur becomes a pure sparkle of light within the thousands of other lights of the night of London. The Minotaur is taken here as a sincere Icon on Diversity and Equality for a true inner and outer Freedom of Expression of the Self when Theseus, depicted in the tale as a legendary hero, here finds his true social nature, the one of a bully, the murderer of a beautiful soul in the night of London.

We are not used anymore to think the virtual. It is the virtual that thinks us. This transparent inaccessibility that separates definitively ourselves from the real is to us so unintelligible as much the glass of a shut window is to a fly that desires overstep it to reach the outer world. The fly, as Baudrillard describes, can't even imagine what gives an end to its space. At the same time we can't imagine how much the virtual transforms in continuous anticipations all the representations that we have of the surrounding environment and the perception of ourselves”