Eleni Koroneou Gallery is pleased to present the work of Christina Michalis at her first solo show at the gallery.

In the current show the artist will present a series of abstract works on canvas and polycarbonate plastic panels. The process of creating these works is quite arbitrary and coincidental. In this process no skills are recognizable but anything can become art, similar to a trompe l’oeil, until the work is indistinguishable from an everyday object and the boundaries are dissolved. The creation of each work is like a frozen image on a film still, it is in an endless process that will just be stopped again and again. Very important in the specific series of works is the liberation of the painting from the frame and its distance from the classical painting carrier. The work becomes an object, which cannot be separated from space. Space, light and painting are connected to each other on a material level. References to painting arise through the applied color on canvas and at the same time they are negated by the industrial plastic surface. The perceived picture is produced constantly new, through the reflections on the plastic panel and their play with colors, light and shadows. The canvas, the plastic plate and the color quote the painting.

Christina Michalis was born 1974 in Stuttgart Germany. She currently lives and works in Berlin. The work of Christina Michalis is previously been exhibited at: Artissima 2014 “Liam Everett - Christina Michalis - Yorgos Sapountzis”, Turin; “Stills”, Galerie Nicole Gnesa, Munich; “Christina Michalis - Arthur Ou - Alexandros Tzannis”, Eleni Koroneou Gallery, Athens; “Hypothese”, Piper Collection, Berlin; “Bring a Brick”, Infernoesque Berlin; “Girl Overkill”, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin; “I wish myself an exhibition. 30 Artists, 30 Songs, 30 Jokes”, West Germany, Berlin; “Collage Accident”, Forgotten Bar Project, Berlin.