During the Christmas and New Year break (15-24, 29-31 December & 2 January), the Bank of England Museum presents A date to Remember, the perfect event to get a head start for 2015. Children of all ages can get creative and draw their favourite Museum object onto a calendar to take home.

Explore the museums fascinating displays and collections to inspire you with your designs. Will you choose to draw a gold ingot or one of the many Banknotes on display? Perhaps the old iron chest or one of the weapons once used to defend the Bank? With so many amazing objects on display, you will be spoilt for choice! The calendar will include Museum events for the forthcoming year.

The museum has a variety of attractions to ensure an enjoyable day out for the whole family, including interactive displays, banknote jigsaws, a roller ball game and a chance to crack the safe. Visitors can also take the helm of our virtual boat game and set monetary policy to keep inflation on a stable course. Other displays include a one million pound note and a genuine gold bar which can be held, although its weight - an impressive 13 kilos, equivalent to 28 pounds - will take many people by surprise!

Activity sheets are available for children of all ages at the Museum's Information Desk, with a small prize for all those who take part.