The 1st Exhibition of the Cultural Arts Condominium is opening on December 2nd, 2014 (Tuesday) at 7pm, at Vila Anglo Brasileira (west), in São Paulo. Entitled "ICU - Intensive Care Unit", the show came up with the purpose of presenting the work of artists participating in some way participated or sympathized with the proposal of Cultural Condominium ( The event is free of charge and runs dec 03rd to 09th, 2014 on a diverse cultural program.

Covering various fields such as arts / music / theater arts / dance / food / visual arts, the event has idea how to articulate a network of "friends of the Condo" to support the structuring and using the space, as well as expand its team professional and promote new activities, enabling the opening of the doors of the house to the public in 2015.

Among friends

The campaign network "friends of the Condo" follows four distinct mechanisms, such as:

  1. Adopt m2 (R$50 month x m2). The photo of the donor will be a virtual environment, (s) meter (s) square (s) adopted, the plant space.
  2. Sales of artworks. Works donated by artists will be sold during the event
  3. Use of space: buy hours that can be used in 2015, as the space agenda. R$ 100 a period of three hours.
  4. Adopt a space (library, workshop, studio audio, kitchen). Collective funding will enable the operation of each of these spaces.

Each donor "friend's condo," will receive monthly reports with data activities, public attended and income / expenses, in addition to receiving a yearbook at the end of 2015, when will the 2nd Exhibition of Arts Condo.

Day of Giving

Conveniently opening will take place in #diadedoar when organizations across the country will take actions to promote the culture of giving. The #DiadeDoar inspires and encourages personal philanthropy bigger, better and smarter donations during the holiday season, showing the world that, in fact, gives the best possible way. Will for the first time in 2014, the support of the international movement #GivingTuesday.

The Cultural House, in Brazil, is the only institution that participates in the artistic context of the day. Learn more here:


A meeting of several works by artists who have passed or are in the Cultural House, is open for workshops or residencies by since the beginning of space in late 2010, will be shown. One part of the exhibition consists of works lent by guest artists and will be sold during the action to raise funds for maintenance of the site. The fourteen rooms studios will also be open to public visitation, creating a full interaction that is produced on the premises.

Ana Zveibel, Associação Massa Falida, Celso Gitahy, Cesar Garcia, Daniel Caballero, Denise Kuperman, Elen Gruber, Francesco di Tillo, Francisco Hurtz, Gal Oppido, Heraldo Candido, Iran do Espírito Santo, Jaime Prades, Karolina Who e Mathiza, Léo Sombra, Leticia Rita, Luciene Lamano e Magali Bragado, Maíra Dietrich, Manu Romeiro, Maurício Písani, Newman Schutze, Núcleo Tenonderã Ayvu, Ricardo Woo, Sol Casal, Vitor Zanini e Zé Naklem.


Experimental theater, new circus and performing proposals are part of the event program. Many are residents or result of workshops held at the Cultural Condominium work and other artists, invited for the occasion.


Find a relationship between music, dance and visual arts. This is the motto of some of the musical performances that will take place at the event.


Each day of the event, the bar menu design changes as a guest chef, resulting in the already existing project space called Minimal Quorum, a gastronomic event where the menu is designed from issues raised at dinners own, but always fleeing conventional as well as the first 7 dinners performed, 'Blue and wet'; 'Left and right'; 'Love it or leave it'; 'Flick four'; 'Default'; 'The raw and the cooked' and 'Yesterday and Today'.

Cultural condominium

The Cultural Condominium New World is an association dedicated to the creation, experimentation and artistic expression. Qualified as a Civil Society Organization of Public Interest - OSCIP, carries out projects, meetings, open processes and other activities in partnership with different institutions, spaces and people.

The idea of creating space emerged from the idealization of cultural entrepreneurs Géssica Arjona and Kako Guirado, who in late 2010 brought together like-minded people interested in creating a space of freedom where they could do what you want.

Located between the districts of Pompeia and the Vila Romana e Vila Madalena(west of São Paulo), an old abandoned hospital for 15 years came alive and won vocation to be a meeting point and collaboration between different people.