After a successful show in Montreal, “Abstractions” an exhibition of 16 abstract photos by Luis Rokeach comes to Brussels. From May 8th to June 29th 2012, every day from Monday to Friday, between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., the FPS Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue houses the exhibition of the photographic works of Luis Rokeach, titled «Abstractions». The vernissage will be on May 8th at 12 noon.

Luis Rokeacch is a Buenos Aires born artist photographer based in Montreal, with an international career. About the photographs of Luis Rokeach it is said: “Just to take the time to delight our eyes, to take the time to offer us the beauty, to take the time to tell us through his images the history of mankind, that of life, with a touching delicacy and depth. There are times that the subtle colours are like whispers that warm the heart. Luis Rokeach was able to go beyond photography looking for the essence that makes us dream. " (A. Baghdadi, chairman of the editorial Closerie, Beverly Hills, California). "Through his photos, you can see the look of the artist'' who knows so well how to capture the beauty hidden behind our vision in our daily lives and to reveal to us out of his time and ours, giving to his images an impression of eternity. ” (A. Munoz, Montreal)

On this exhibition
This exhibition is the results of an invitation extend by FPS Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue of Belgium (Services Publiques Fédéreaux Travail), which is the equivalent of a ministry. Is this exhibition the same as the one in your show in Montreal? “Partly yes, but other photos have not been shown in the Montreal exhibit. The photographs presented here were selected together with the organizers of the exhibit at FPS Employment.”

How did you get at doing abstract photography? "Gauguin said that art is an abstraction. And Jules-Antoine Castagnary, who gave its name to Impressionism, said that objects, simple objects in their reality, are qualified in our brains only, and become beautiful or ugly according to our views and our personal temperament. Beauty having no objective reality, it exists only in a state of abstraction. So for me, doing abstract photography is a natural continuation to my figurative work as I want to transmit emotion and wish induce people to reflect about the images I present them ."

“As a photographer, I want to capture beauty and emotion in the subjects, both figurative and abstract, surrounding us. The abstract images emer¬ging from subjects taken from our everyday life are thereupon transformed so as to emphasize their esthetical and emotional contents. My quest is to pass from the reality of the subject to its photographic abstraction and then further on to the representation the beholder gets when looking at it. The beholder can then forge his own interior reality against the background of his own symbolic universe. It is the beholder that gives art its fourth dimension.” Paraphrasing Kandinsky, Luis Rokeach " calls abstract the content that his photograph must express, this invisible life that we are."

According to Luis Rokeach: “Poetry is found in everyday life, in Nature, in the world. Often imperceptible to most of people, poetry reveals itself to the eye of the artist. Poets record it with ink and paper, photographers write it with light. My intent is that each image that I capture tell a story, or in fact, as many stories as people see for themselves. My desire is that the emotions evoked by my photographs become stories colored by the life experiences and the perceptions of the observer.”

About Luis Rokeach
Luis Rokeach was born in Buenos Aires and has lived in different places in the world: Argentina, Israel, Belgium, Denmark, California, and currently lives in Montreal. His vast international experience has provided him with a vision that is Universalist and sensitive to diverse cultures. His education in arts and photography is through workshops in art academies, photo associations, and creative experimentation. Luis is also a research scientist (genetics) by formal education. He expresses his creative passion through photography, writing, painting, theatre, and science. Luis Rokeach has exposed in Tel Aviv, Brussels, Odense, San Diego, and Montreal.

For those who cannot come to his exhibition in person they can virtually see it by visiting his website:

Organisation and place of the exhibition:
FPS Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue
Ernest Blerotstreet 1
1070 Brussels (facing the Brussels ‘Midi’ Train Station)
e-mail: info@employment.belgium.