Arusha Gallery presents a group exhibition of artists focusing on the figure and contemporary portraiture. This beautiful selection of painting, photography and sculpture places emphasis on identity, drawing upon the past and looking toward the future.

Exhibiting artists include award winning photographer Romina Ressia who’s striking portraits draw influence from the traditional paintings of the Dutch masters and bring these iconic poses into the 21st Century.

Ilona’s Szalay’s paintings on canvas and glass bring her unique ability to capture fleeting moments of a place between vulnerability and power into her contemporary portraits. Finalist of the 2013 Threadneedle Prize and featured as one of Saatchi Art’s ‘Artists To Invest in Now’ series, Szalay’s work is celebrated worldwide for its striking portrayal of tension between vulnerability and control.

Another of Saatchi’s artists to invest in is Pippa Young who’s delicate paintings are a beautiful interpretation of contemporary experience depicted through youthful portraits. Young also employs a sense of historical reference in her work, drawing upon the influences of Vermeer’s girls and Mantegna Saint Sebastian.