El. marneri galerie presents a unique silicone jewelry collection by designer Peter Mantouvalos.

The sculptural jewelry of Peter Mantouvalos celebrates the 'synergy of form with the sense of touch. "

Necklaces and bracelets from silicone sometimes oversized and sometimes free in their forms and colors .They embrace the body and become one with the person who carries them. The jewelry collection is accompanied by large silicone sculptures that are unfold in gallery space and offer a new experience of this unpredictable and multifaceted material.

Peter Mantouvalos is a contemporary art jewelry designer. His artistic career began as a designer of handmade lamps, experimenting with diverse materials such as wood, glass, plexiglass and silicone. Through this process he fell in love with the silicone and the many properties of the material. The art of jewelry collection was presented in 2012, recommending futuristic design and patterns, innovative ideas and a visualized parallel implementation of its design.

The new collection of Peter Mantouvalos will be at the Eleni marneri galerie from 10/24/14.