We can’t image China without mountains. Every other Chinese postcard is pictured with a mountain scenery. There are a lot of different kinds of mountains in China. The Saints Mountains are the ones every Chinese has to visit. Not only because of religious practices, but also to pay tribute to their history, their ancestors. Another kind of mountain is the place to which everyone goes to find inspiration and harmony with nature. And one of the most inspirational places in China is Huangshan, the Yellow Mountains. Through the ages so many hearts of poets, painters were stolen by the stunning beauty of the Yellow Mountains.

Nowadays these remarkable peaks are open for every passionate heart…

Adventures always start with desire… and a call. A morning call. Share with a friend an intention to leave the city and clear your senses. Like in my case. We started our journey immediately. Of all required equipment, we just bought sleeping bags. No tent, no travel mats. We were not afraid of bad weather. At that moment, for us existed only the peaks. No prospect of problems existed.

The next day we had already crossed the Zhejiang province and reached the Anhui province, Huangshan-town. It is a lovely town with old, pretty streets at the foot of the mountain. A good place to start climbing to the top of the Yellow Mountains, a step closer to the stars…

Standing at the beginning of your climbing path, everyone can join the big crowd of people willing to use the cable car, chose an easy and comfortable way. The huge queue looks like a traffic jam in large megalopolis in a subway station at rush hour. Mad citizen culture started spreading everywhere.

7 hours. This is estimated time to reach the highlands of the Yellow Mountains. 7 hours of pain, thirst and tiredness. You want to stop and return back every second of it, you have no strength, the steep ascent seems too long, infinite… But when you see men carrying heavy burden of goods to the top, you think of Atlas, a titan from Greek mythology - who held the skies on his shoulders. Ten you understand that this way is truly infinite, not for you but for them, who managed to merge with it. Forever…

When we reached the cherished high point, we sat down to have a rest and cast a look at the view opening in front of us. I felt that the Yellow Mountains awarded us for our hard work, presented us with serenity, calm of soul and breathtaking beauty. The Yellow Mountains welcome everyone who tries to refine themselves spiritually!

Our journey is a 25 km trail of paths narrow and serpentine. 3 days and 2 nights on the top and blinding light in our hearts. We slept on a piece of canvas and saw the clouds stream through our sleeping bags, through us. It was fantastic! We challenged common sense. Fear of freezing, strong winds and danger are only mind games for an urban human.

Absolutely everything is possible if you draw each emotion from everyday life, if you keep the flame in your chest burning, keep those flames of life, the flames of Divine. On the top, in the highlands you realize that you are a creation of God, but also an extension of Him, you span beyond the misty peaks of the Yellow Mountains directly into space.

Let’s refuse the bustle of cities. Come and look serenely at the clouds, which cover mountains and valleys, hide a fabulously magnificent canyon and disappear approaching the peaks.

In this moment, the Spirit of the Yellow Mountains helps you to understand what eternal life truly means.