There are numerous exotic and appealing destinations that we desire to visit in our lifetime, but there is not a town that you’ll ever miss quite like Herceg-Novi. If you want to stay in a small, peaceful town, bathed in sunshine and teeming with legends and folktales you are in the right place!

Even though it is the youngest town on the Montenegrin coast, Herceg-Novi is a town that attracts the attention of the visitors with its specific location, interesting history, impressive surrounding area and moreover its exceptionally thick vegetation.

Herceg-Novi is a town at the very south-west of Montenegro, perched between Mount Orjen and the mouth of one of the most beautiful bays of the world- the Bay Boka Kotorska. Herceg-Novi is a place where many, many civilizations met and this had a huge influence on the very appearance of the town. It was under the rule of the Roman Empire, Bosnian Kingdom, Ottoman Empire, Austro-Hungary and many others before becoming part of what is the modern Montenegro. The town was an object of desire for the people of all nationalities. Being under the rule of Venetian Republic, Herceg-Novi is often referred to as Castel Nuovo (New Castle) in Italian. The town itself has got a lot of nicknames. Located at the very south of the State, Herceg-Novi is also called the Town of the Sun due to its pleasant climate. Herceg-Novi has approximately 200 days of sunshine a year which makes it a place with one of the most docile climates and ultimately one of the most visited towns in Montenegro, especially in the summertime. It is also often called The Town of Stairs. Sooner or later the town stairs will exhaust you, so if you plan on visiting Herceg-Novi, you must be in a very good shape!

The town was founded by the Bosnian King Tvrtko I Kotromanić, as it was an important point on the route of the salt trade. It is positioned very well, geographically speaking, actually the town is a crossroad between Montenegro, Bosnia and Croatia, and the closest towns Trebinje (Bosnia) and Dubrovnik (Croatia) are just an hour away! In one day you can visit three countries! For centuries, Herceg-Novi inspired writers among whom none other than the Nobel Prize Laureate - Ivo Andrić.

You will be captivated by the town’s wonderful nature, its gardens and parks filled with magnolias, palm trees, silver wattles, camellias and unique eucalyptus trees. No wonder the town became a muse for both painters and writers.

If you are a nature lover, I suggest you to visit one of our fortresses (The Clock Tower, Forte Mare, The Citadel, Kanli Kula or Spanyola). From these places you can enjoy the fresh air and the breathtaking view giving way to both the bay and the town. Each of the fortresses is unique and some of them (Forte Mare and Kanli Kula) serve as a stage for concerts, discos or cinema.

It needs to be said that the town is popular for its cultural events and gatherings. Mimoza Festival, Suncane Skale Music Festival, Film Festival, Guitar Art Festival to just name a few of them. Once in Herceg-Novi, you must visit the Savina Monastery, not only a religious monument, but a divine place of calm peppered with unique and endemic vegetation. If you are a culture and history, lover you may want to visit other holy places like St. Michael’s Church, St. George’s Church St. Leopold Church etc. There are lot of things to do in Herceg-Novi. Down at the promenade you can enjoy the view, while sipping wine and eating seafood specialties on Shkver. For coffee lovers, there are a lot of cafes overlooking the gulf, full of seagulls, boats and cruise ships which make the view that much more enjoyable. You can take up strolling or other activities such as hiking, scuba-diving, sailing, parachuting or you can visit one of the nearby peninsulas (Lustica, Mamula)- the favourites among both locals and visitors.

Whether you are on a business trip, travelling for pleasure or just looking for inspiration I’m sure you’ll enjoy the harmony this town offers and get the most out of it!

Are you ready to explore Herceg-Novi and take a peek its deepest secrets? I bet you are!