When gallery owner Jonathan Ross met curator and printmaker Katja Rosenberg back in 2013, they began to discuss ways in which they might collaborate. The outcome of those discussions is an exhibition which showcases printmaking in all its many and various aspects, drawing on Rosenberg’s contacts in East London and others from Ross’s part of town.

East meets West brings together 16 artists who have made printmaking their speciality and visitors will see 70 framed works on display, including etchings, engravings, woodcuts, linocuts, screenprints and collages incorporating some of those techniques.

A selection of unframed works is available, all very reasonably priced.

Also in the exhibition is what Ross has dubbed The Iron Curtain between East and West – a series of photographic works by Elzbieta Smolenska mounted on rusty iron sheets.

Other artists exhibiting are: Janet Brooke, Andrzej Maria Borkowski, Dolores de Sade, Christopher Brown, Ferha Farooqui, Ken Cox, Fernando Feijoo, Carolyn Gowdy, Renata Kudlacek, Anna Malni, Pilar Munoz, Chris Pig, Peter Rapp, Katja Rosenberg and Sisetta Zappone.