Sims Reed is delighted to be holding the first UK exhibition of renowned American artist Jane Hammond. The show will run from 16 October – 7 November 2014. The centrepiece will be the latest addition to her well-known Butterfly Map Series, depicting the UK, which she will create especially for this exhibition. The series of butterfly maps began after a mass of Monarch butterflies visited the flower boxes of her New York apartment windows on the afternoon of September 11, 2001. Hand-drawn maps are combined with paper butterflies, digitally scanned from actual specimens, then collaged to handmade bodies and antennae.

Lyndsey Ingram, director of Sims Reed says: ‘We are incredibly privileged to hold Jane Hammond’s first UK show. There are very few US museums who do not own one of her pieces and are we are delighted to be able to introduce her work to a UK audience for the first time.’

In collaboration with Galerie Lelong in New York, the show at Sims Reed will present a carefully selected retrospective, alongside new works, providing an intimate view of her process and production over the past decade. Wit, meticulous craft, and surprising juxtapositions of meaning are hallmarks in Hammond’s work in which she incorporates an encyclopaedic collection of images—from the past and present, history and fiction—to explore the fluidity of meaning as images shift, re-occur and re-associate, weaving new connections in the mind and eye. To this end, she employs a range of media spanning painting, photography, installation and mixed media.

There will be around 20 works with prices ranging from £2,000 - £25,000.

Hammond had her first solo exhibition in 1989 at Exit Art, NYC. She has had fifteen solo shows in New York City, as well as fourteen solo museum shows and her work is included in over fifty public collections including MOMA, the Whitney Museum and the National Gallery of Art in Washington.