The 20th China International Clothing & Accessories Fair (CHIC2012), sponsored by China National Garment Association, China World Trade Centre Co., Ltd and The Sub-Council of Textile Industry, CCPIT, will be held at the New China International Exhibition Centre in March the 26th – 29th. With the total area of nearly 110,000 square meters, the Exhibition sets up 10 different halls for Men’s Wear, Women’s Wear, Casual Wear, Kid’s Wear, Underwear, Leather/ Fur/ Down wear, Garment Related Resources, Fashion Accessories, Designer’s Gallery and Overseas exhibition section. 21 countries and regions including China, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Britain, Spain, Belgium, Greece, Turkey, The United States, Canada, Australia, Israel, Japan, Korea, Brazil, India, China Hong Kong, Macau, and Chinese Taiwan, etc. providing over a thousand garment brands in our expo. There will be around 60 related events, and with expected more than 100,000 professional visitors joining the fair.

In CHIC this year, the number of China domestic garment brands has reached 600, which occupied pavilion area of over 70,000 square meters.
E1 Men’s Wear – taking “CHIC 20 years belongs to you and me” as the theme, attracting numbers of massive size and market competitive brands, gathering nowadays the most powerful Men’s brands, business casual domestically, to show our audiences that the industry achievement within the past 20 years.

E2 Sports/Casual Wear – occupied 11,000 square meters, as well as displaying the classical casual wear, it introducing the Hip-Hop Style, Cowboy and Fashion out-door wear. The life attitude and the healthy & casual lifestyle of the current mainstream consumer group will be fully demonstrated in this section.

W3 & W4 Women’s Wear – with total displaying area of 23,000 square meters, these two halls involve Mature Women’s wear, younger women’s wear, underwear and maternity wear, Gathering hundreds of brands such as ShowLong, SeeYourStory, JIESHI and Cache, etc.

E3 Leather/ Fur/ Down wear – bringing more than 120 medium-to-high grade leather, fur and down wear domestic industrial clusters from Xinji, Haining and Guangdong of China, and also other oversea brands.

Designer’s Gallery – located in Hall W4, it organized outstanding designers to presenting their talent. Chinese domestic designers Xuewei WU, Xuekai WU, Zhijie YU, Zihao QIU, Yehuai CHEN will be showing their creative design ideas in CHIC. Meanwhile, Shanghai International Design & Trade Promotion Centre, DCNTEX will also appear in CHIC this year.

– located in Hall E6 and E7, colorful garment brands and various exciting events uncover the unique attraction of the garment industry. In here, many leading accessory brands of the industry: a&I, HanGong Fashion Jade, CaiWo, BLOSSOM, NFS, SANTA BARBARA POLO & RACQUET CLUB and MeishiMeihua, etc. will display their originality.

Oversea Pavilion – set up in Hall W1 and W2. With almost 30,000 square meters and composed by 9 districts, Oversea Pavilion gathered 400 brands from different countries and regions globally. In 2012, CHIC Oversea Pavilion will be dedicated to develop the comprehensive quality of both exhibition pavilions and exhibitors, so that pushing our audience to reach the very frontline of the global fashion trend.

For the first time joining CHIC and made success last year, American company ENK based on their experiences gained from CHIC2011, optimize the choice of the brands and size of their pavilion. In this year, they double their pavilion area, and in addition, the qualities of exhibitors as well as the variety of the displayed products are vastly improved.

The sponsor of Milan White, which has built up strategic alliance with the Italian medium-to-high grade designer’s brands also joined us this year. In 2012, the sponsor of Milian White screened 340 outstanding exhibitors out of a total number of 1,600 exhibitors, which will keep on displaying the feeling of fashionable and strong design sense of the Italian style. In addition, with a self-description of “Fashion and Fun”, international fashion brand Moschino will also exhibit their design inspiration this year.

Germany Pavilions organized by the Messe Dusseldorf, their area have been expended more over to 1,200 square meters, and all 25 German exhibitors brought over are full of high popularity. These include: Apanage, BettyBarclay, Benvenuto, Cinque, Digel, Gerry Weber, Hauber, Marc Cain and Oui. In order to create business opportunities for “made in Germany” to step in such a broad Chinese market, the German government even provide funding to support their pavilions in CHIC2012.

The French pavilion is called: PARIS FOREVER, their exhibition area has been increased about 63% of last year, with a number of 43 exhibitors and more than 50 brands, and will mainly focus on men’s, women’s, children’s wear and accessories.

The size of Korean exhibitors also got increased, with around 4,000 square meters and over 80 exhibitors joining CHIC this year. There will also be 4 brand conference held in the performance hall of the Crown Hotel.

Japan will be bringing 20 exhibitors this year and with a doubled size pavilion area.

Being the biggest size oversea pavilion, Hong Kong Fashion pavilion occupied an area of almost 6,000 square meters, which is organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council. Their products in display include: Men’s wear, Women’s wear, Accessories, Leather/ Fur, Shoes and etc. Brands been brought over includes original Hong Kong brands and other international brands agented by Hong Kong.

There are more than 20 brands in Taiwan pavilion with a size of over 1200 square meters, organized by Taiwan Textile Federation. Taiwan site is Half-open shed which falls into environmental protection area and manufacturer area, to show their support for the earth ecosystem, environmental protection and continuity of the earth life.

This is the 20th birthday of CHIC who was born in 1993. Today CHIC is not only the platform of Brand Promotion, markets extension and wealth creation, but also the influential communication platform for the sharing and indeed relative recourses allocation of global clothing band. Our sponsor planning the special series activities for the 20th anniversary, invite people from different fields, traveling through the fashionable space. A 20th anniversary birthday party entitled “CHIC! CHIC!” will be on by the first night of CHIC2012.