The Chapuisat Brothers have been producing for the last ten years some monumental and contextual artworks that activate themselves thanks to the visitor participation, himself, turned into an explorer. More than sculptures and installations, the work of these swiss artists always link to the exhibition space and create spatial ruptures, raising some new environments. By the size of their installations and engineering, the Chapuisat Brothers attempt to overstep the human scale, to create worlds, pieces of utopia, asking the visitors’ curiosity and their body nimbleness to slip into wooden corridors, buried corners, and dark exhibition walls.

The Chapuisat Brothers, live and work in situ, as nomads, shifting from a project to another, in Europe and throughout the world, creating where they have been invited, an ephemeral home. They become hosts and the visitors their guests. In the Vercorin village with the "Residence secondaire" project or at l’Abbaye de Maubuisson for the exhibition "Le Buisson Maudit", the artists make the simplicity of the material faces the complexity of the shape. Tones of wood are often required to build organic modules in an endless expansion, usable and where living could be possible. Their work, made with several hands reveals also their fantasy for huts and cabins. Using materials as cardboard, concrete and wood most frequently, the Chapuisat Brothers create archisculptures, monumental art pieces or temporary habitable spaces. In the "Intramuros" series, the artists offer the visitor to have access to the only thing he is usually unable to, picture rails and walls. Thanks to a flashlight, visitors are invited to literally get into the white cube and explore behind the scene.

At La Maréchalerie, the Chapuisat Brothers take their inspiration from the imposing framework of the main space, to fill it with an invading and massive structure. Visitors are facing an oak house of cards that unveil the architectural strengths of the space. If the artists confess their taste for brutalism, the impact of their installations arouses a feeling of wonder and danger. According to Mireille Descombes "the exploration is stunning, but not totally without danger. Chapuisat’s art is not a place to play".