‘To Start a Conversation Across a Crowded Room’ brings together seven artist printmakers whose work highlight the prominence of print within the contemporary artwork.

Responding to previous generations who established printmaking as a primary means of expression akin to painting or sculpture, these artists challenge the perception of set disciplines and associated techniques, through experimental and often interdisciplinary approaches.

Through diverse use of material and processes which include paper and wood cut to large-scale installation, the works on display are informed by a shared interest in sculptural, physical and three dimensional elements within contemporary printmaking. A site-specific commission by emerging artist Katy Binks will transform part of the gallery space through a sculptural installation, whilst a public commission by Adam Bridgland will be sited outside of the gallery.

A new print portfolio featuring the work of the exhibiting artists has been commissioned to accompany the exhibition.

To Start A Conversation Across a Crowded Room is co-curated by Adam Bridgland.

Featured artists: Adam Bridgland, Katy Binks, Fiona Hepburn, Sophie Smallhorn, Tim Phillips, Katsu Yuasa and Sarah Bridgland.