Arusha Gallery presents Undercurrents; a group exhibition bringing together artists and artworks which employ a contemporary approach to the traditional subject of the seascape.

One of the highlights of this exciting exhibition will be the chance to view Gail Harvey's Light and Movement on the Sea having been recently exhibited as part of the RWA Bristol's 'The Power of the Sea' exhibition in May alongside some of Britain's most influential historical and contemporary painters. Her inclusion in the show has strengthened her reputation as one of Britain's leading abstract landscape painters and Arusha Gallery are proud to be supporting Gail and her work at this exciting time in her career. Janette Kerr, president of the RWA Bristol and co-editor of 'The Power of the Sea; Making Waves in British Art 1790-2014' will also be exhibiting a series of paintings in this exhibition which are inspired by the coastal landscapes of Shetland.

Artists have long had a fascination with the sea and the vast oceans that surround us, each generation of artists responding to the theme differently. Undercurrents will include work from a selection of emerging painters and sculptors who breathe new energy into the tradition of the seascape. One such artist is Ilona Szalay who has recently been selected as 'one to watch' on saatchiart will present a series of mesmorising works using oils and resin on glass. Contemporary sea sculpture from the likes of Catherine Ross and Guilia Gentili provide an interesting mix amongst the more abstract approaches of Harvey, Kerr, Allan MacDonald and Lesley Skeates.

An exciting addition to Arusha, and to the Edinburgh gallery scene is Mark Johnston whose Turner inspired paintings have already proven highly desirable amongst Arusha clients. This will be a rare chance to see some of Mark's paintings from his private collection which have never been exhibited before.