Germany is a country that has long developed an international reputation as a wonderful destination for those looking for historic and cultural attractions, and there is no doubt that the range of summer festivals on offer add to this reputation. Whether you are looking for superb live music, wonderful fireworks or superb visual and historic events, Germany has some great festivals that are worth considering traveling to enjoy.

Rhine in Flames

The Rhine is one of Europe's longest and most important rivers, and runs for hundreds of miles through the German countryside, but in many towns during the summer, the Rhine is illuminated with a range of fireworks and boats that have been lit up. There are various events in towns including Bonn, Koblenz and Oberwesel among others, and even if you miss one, the great spectacle of the lamps, fireworks and boats are seen over several weekends throughout the summer.

Rock Am Ring

The Nurburgring is generally one of Germany's best known racing circuits, but for one weekend every summer a giant series of stages are erected and thousands of people flock from across Germany and beyond to enjoy some of the best international and German rock music on offer. The festival is known for drawing major international acts such as Green Day, Linkin Park and the Kings of Leon, while it also has a twin festival known as Rock im Park, which is held at the Zeppelinfeld in the south of the country, which usually shares the same line up as the main festival.

The Berlin Carnival Of Cultures

For those who have an interest in the modern makeup and identity of Germany, the Carnival of Cultures is a great place to see how the local German culture is blending and welcoming new identities and people in this cosmopolitan city. With performers, street parades and a vibrant party atmosphere, this event offers a variety of attractions including international music, while the street performances by stiltwalkers add to the carnival atmosphere.


This charming local festival is held in the town of Kaufberen, and is said to be one of the oldest festivals in Germany, with local legends stating that it was started in 1497 when the Emperor Maximilian I visited the town. Today the festival is a colorful and exciting display of the history of the area, with over one and a half thousand local children dressed in traditional costumes, and hosting a parade of horse drawn carriages and helping to re-enact the original procession held when Maximilian first visited the town.

The Leipzig Bach Festival

Johann Sebastian Bach was one of Germany's greatest ever composers, and it was in Leipzig that he spent over a quarter of a century serving as the musical director of the city's churches and other important events, in a role known as the Thomaskantor. Today the festival is a wonderful celebration of Bach's work, with a range of performances and events to enjoy the great music, from intimate performances in smaller venues to the large opening concert.