We are proud to present Exposure, bringing you a wonderfully diverse collection of artists, many of whom are exhibiting at Imitate Modern for the very first time. Joining Day-z, Luc Waring and Paul Oz are an exciting line-up of new names: Louis-Nicolas Darbon, Maisie Garner-Currie, Pam Glew, Joanna Ham, Buki Koshoni, Daniel Sachon, The Dotmasters and Victoria Sin. Exposure showcases a wide variety of mediums from oilpainting to photography, fine-drawing to mixed media pieces, brought together with striking use of the monochrome palette.

Stripping back the colour reveals the beauty and intricacies in each of these techniques: Day-z and Garner-Currie immaculately capturing those fine details by pen, while Koshoni and Sachon seduce us with their sensual photography. Branching out further, Glew and Ham introduce their mixed media techniques alongside Sin’s distinctive tongue-in-cheek illustration. Darbon, Dotmasters and Oz, although all painters, are poles apart, using acrylic, spray and oil paint respectively, each in their signature styles. We also welcome back Luc Waring, fresh from graduation with his expressive, experimental edge.

These talented artists have a broad array of influences and portray a number of very different subjects, from ‘Gino’ the elephant to Anna Wintour, and some of music’s greatest legends. What unifies these artists is also what makes them different; each brings a rare and individual talent, cementing their place in the next generation of icons of the art world.

Paul Oz

With many passions influencing his creations, Paul Oz now takes on the challenge of capturing the planet’s greatest creatures in his collection ROAR!. His interesting technique of carving oil paint using a pallet knife creates abstract layers and an incredible three-dimensional effect that truly brings energy to his portraits. Fresh from exhibiting at London’s F1 Ball, live painting at the Rugby Players’ Association awards, and following a new partnership with Instituto Ayrton Senna, we are pleased to welcome the extremely busy Oz back to Imitate Modern for this exhibition.

Pam Glew

Best known for her unique techniques, Pam Glew is a contemporary artist most inspired by the film industry. This comes through in her strongly cinematic paintings that often feature American icons, playing with our notions of patriotism, idols and cultural heritage. Using flags, brocade and American quilts, Glew dyes, bleaches and distresses these surfaces, which then provide a distinctive base for her paintings. Having exhibited alongside heavyweights such as Hirst, Emin and Blake, Glew has also been commissioned for Red Bull and Mitsubishi and worked with a number of fashion houses including Armani and Ralph Lauren. Her artworks feature familiar faces, those exhibited include Anna Wintour and Hunter S. Thompson, which seen on textured backgrounds empower the portraits and showcase Glew’s enviable talent.


Having graduated from Central St Martins with a degree in Fine Art, Day-z has since exhibited a number of times with Imitate Modern, gaining popularity for her tongue-in-cheek style and refreshing ideas. She skilfully depicts iconic figures in her pen and pencil drawings that artfully reflect on modern society. In providing this witty social commentary, Day-z creates truly unique artworks that speak directly to the audience, capturing the unexpected with a seamless elegance.

Luc Waring

Following his debut show at Imitate Modern last year, and recent university graduation, Luc Waring has returned with his raw style and ready wit. His new body of work continues his commentary on the state of affairs today, both in subtle visual representations and explosive typography providing energy and purpose to his artwork. This is a young artist, with experience and experimentation under his belt, ready to make his mark on the worldwide art scene.

Daniel Sachon

Exposure brings us the debut of Daniel Sachon’s photography - a collection of provocative and intimate photographs he has taken since first picking up a camera four years ago. These seductive and effortless images, made all the more striking in black and white, are just a taster of the wide portfolio that he has already developed at such a young age. He has previously worked in many areas of the art world to gain the experience and knowledge that he now utillises to strengthen his own body of work. After graduating college this year, we are pleased to debut this work and introduce you to the immense promise in the future of Sachon’s photography.

The Dotmasters

Possessing a typically British sense of humour, The Dotmasters has gained a reputation from his impeccably stencilled artwork coupled with an acute commentary of society and modern culture. His work is universally popular, and can be found anywhere, from a trailer park or festival, to the penthouses of Europe; however, he is careful not to lose his connection with the streets that retain an important influence on his work. The streets, as Dotmasters says, are “an immediate place; a place without a mediator. Its invasion, defacement and its appreciation are ultimately a symptom of today’s society.” And with this in mind, we introduce The Dotmasters, and an element of the streets, into this collection.

Joanna Ham

Joanna Ham has always been fascinated by fashion and consumerism, informed by her formative years spent working in advertising and branding. She is particularly interested in how we interact with brands, and use them to empower ourselves and express our individuality. This, coupled with an understanding of darkroom photography development, honed over years of practise, creates truly unique and beautiful artwork. These mixed media pieces incorporate collage, digital paint-brushing and photograming, all beautifully merged in her handpulled silk-screen prints. These effortlessly stylish pieces showcase Ham’s intricate processes that make her a wonderful addition to this exhibition.

Buki Koshoni

The love for fashion, film and the human form is evident in Koshoni’s artwork, which integrates identity, personality and the body aesthetic. Taking an intimate approach to his subjects, his photography celebrates personal narratives whilst creating sensual images that draw the audience into this visual journey. The series “Morning After the Night Before” perfectly captures this notion of narrative in an exploration of the characters and their intimacy. After honing his craft at St Martins, Koshoni has released a number of books celebrating the art of portraiture, in addition to directing music videos for EMI and Sony Records along with a wide range of commercials and television programmes. With this wealth of clients, we are proud to present Buki Koshoni to the London art scene.

Maisie Garner-Currie

Fresh onto the art scene, this is the first time Maisie Garner-Currie has exhibited her exquisite pen drawings, influenced by the drawings of her father together merged with her mother’s love of black and white photography. Another evident inspiration is her fascination with musicians, allowing Garner-Currie to showcase her versatility - armed only with a biro, she creates incredible textures from the shiny metal of musical instruments to the soft folds of clothing. The level of detail possible to achieve with a pen, as well as the permanence of each stroke are important elements in the creation of the artwork - any mistakes have to be incorporated into the piece, or else start all over again. With such an immaculate collection, we are excited to be debuting the talent of this young artist.

Louis-Nicolas Darbon

From fellow artists to modern culture, Louis-Nicolas Darbon cites many influences to his work; these and his ethnically diverse background have all left their imprint on his artistic style. Darbon’s travels have perhaps had the greatest effect, with the energy of New York, tranquillity of Paris and creativity in London providing inspiration at every corner. Working now for a global fashion organisation, Darbon again merges several worlds, with art and fashion colliding. As seen in ‘The Girl With Lollipop’ his work is undeniably fun and liberating, bursting with energy and colour.

Victoria Sin

Debuting at Imitate Modern, is illustrator and fashion-designer Victoria Sin. Another St Martins Alumni, Sin hails from Toronto, but since moving to the city has become immersed in the East London art scene, and her animal motifs and Sapphic-inspired work can be spotted on the streets of Shoreditch. In drawing on what stimulates her, Victoria Sin cites a variety of influences, and recognises that there is ‘something really incredible about being an illustrator in that you have a pen and a piece of paper and with that you can realise the fantastical’. Having been featured in Wonderland, Beige Magazine, Company Magazine and Vice Magazine, Sin’s playful and controversial illustrations bring an element of mischief to Exposure.