Ecoismi 2014: Habitat, Re-generation and Memory in dialogue with art and nature.

Ecoismi is a public art project outdoors which reflects on issues of environmental protection and sustainable preservation of the area. Through the language of contemporary art, artists, architects and designers have been invited to discuss with their freedom of expression and sensitivity the topic of the relationship between Habitat, Re-generation, Memory.

They have created a multi-sensory way consists of twelve site-specific installations made in the area of the Natural Park of the Island Borromeo in Cassano d'Adda, a few kilometers from Milan.

The event this year at its third edition, is curated by Ylbert Durishti and the young artists, selected through a call, come from all over the world. They are: Colla (Napoli, Italia), Davide Fadda (Sassari, Italia), Federica Venier (Modena, Italia) Ilaria Giulia Mafessoni e Riccardo Lovatini (Pozzuolo Martesana, Italia) Lasha Makharadze (Spagna/Georgia), Lee Brady (Sheffield, Inghilterra), Li Jiang (Cina/Italia), Noy Jessica Laufer (Israele/Italia), Emanuele Panzarini (Padova, Italia) Publink (Italia/Francia), Veronica Menegolo e FabioCortesi (Milano, Italia), Justin Tyler Tate (Finlandia/Canada).

Each of them has developed the topics of the project according to its own specific declination, in a variety of shades and research ranging from the question of private/collective memory reactivation to the sharing of public space, from electromagnetic pollution issues to the construction of a place of contemplation of nature.

The artworks are made with natural materials, recycled or recovered on site. The artists have based their poetic on the reuse of waste materials and objects, causing them to be reborn and re-engaging in a cycle that brings them back to life, where art and nature have the opportunity to renew their reciprocal myth.

Check it out if you hang out in Milan, the exhibition is free admission open every day until 28 September 2014 or don’t miss the call for 2015 edition. For more information visit

Parco Naturale dell'Isola Borromeo

Via B. Colognesi
Cassano d’Adda (MI) 20062 Italy
Ph. +39 0363366011 (Comune di Cassano d'Adda)
Ph. +39 029091229 (Parco Adda Nord)

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