An exhibition of photography taken by Jozwiak while traveling through Bulgaria alone. Feeling lonely and weary of travel she put together this collection of melancholic photographs.

The exhibition will be the first presentation of Karol Jóźwiak's photographic project on the commemoration of death in Bulgaria where the author was travelling in 2010. An in-depth research and documentation of this phenomenon led to the uncovering of some intriguing anthropological and cultural traces. Furthermore, it became a starting point for the reflection on the very medium of photography seen as a carrier of timeless archetypes and symbols. The exhibition is a journey report in which photos, some found scraps of newspapers and diary entries are put together to tell a story.

“I think that this constant feeling of misery allowed me to notice things that would otherwise have escaped my attention. I became absorbed in the intensive work of documenting the subtle sphere in which the worlds of dead and alive interpenetrate.” - Karol Jóźwiak

Karol Jóźwiak is a Polish art historian, researcher of the photographic work by Zofii Rydet – icone of the Polish contemporary photography; curator of many photography exhibitions in Poland and Europe; member of the Programming Board of the Zofia Rydet Foundation; author of many cataloges and a book „Zofia Rydet - Inventorying the image of man”.

In the previous editions of PhotoIreland Festival he presented two excellent photography exhibitions of works by Zofia Rydet and Andrzej Różycki.