Dina Husseini
Joined WSI in December 2022
Dina Husseini

Dina Husseini is a Cypriot-Lebanese/ Lebanese-Cypriot creative professional with a passion for storytelling. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Nicosia and has additional training in management. With experience in consultancy, counseling, and filmmaking, she has achieved numerous successes in her career.

Currently, Dina serves as the editorial and production manager for Pen It Publications and is the CEO of Dinzy Finzy Publishing. She assists other authors in reaching their publishing goals while also working on her own novels across various genres. Her skills in writing and editing are not limited to specific topics, as she enjoys delving into the science behind things.

Living in Nicosia, Cyprus, Dina sees the world differently and approaches it with the heart eye, a concept she picked up through her years of living. The beautiful sunsets often inspire her work. In addition to her professional pursuits, she has a part-time practice as a psychic and spiritualist and is currently working on a play she plans to direct.

Dina offers editorial services, book writing courses, and book reviews at Dinzy Finzy Publishing for those interested in working with her. She has set a goal to publish at least five books in 2023, a couple of which are already in progress. Through her multi-talented skills, diverse experience, and passion for storytelling, Dina is already making waves in the world.

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